Window Cleaning

We have window-cleaning solutions for every kind of building – including high-rises!

Office Service

A clean office helps promote a healthy, productive work environment.

In Your Bathrooms

Make sure your home is the antithesis of a filthy truck stop bathroom. We don't mind getting down and dirty (and we're even pretty good at it).

In The Kitchen

Where you prepare your family's food ought to be the cleanliest place in your house, but for many people we find that it's not the case. Using powerful disinfectants and some other best practices can help reduce the likelihood of spreading illness.

In All The Rooms

The commonality between every room in your house is that it has a floor and walls. Where they meet, dust and dirt collect. You know that threat of having to clean the baseboards? Well, we'll do it for you with a smile on our faces!

Commercial Cleaning

Clean businesses attract customers – and they're healthier for your employees!

Floor Stripping & Waxing

Waxing finishing or polishing are preparation coatings that create the finished appearance. Finishes provide additional protection against soil abrasion and scratching. 2-5 coats may be specified by the manufacturer and/or the end-user. Spray buffing is a maintenance procedure used to remove daily wear and tear and restore luster to the surface.

Marble & Tile Cleaning

Different tile types, sizes, color, and grout are used, cleaning test areas may be necessary. Most of the time this assists in determining the grout cleaning procedures. There are times when grout just needs to be replaced. This can happen when acid or alkaline cleaning agents have etched away at the grout causing permanent damage.


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